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Who Rules the World

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Also known asWho Gets the World
Traditional Chinese且試天下
Simplified Chinese且试天下
Hanyu PinyinQiě Shì Tiānxià
Based onLet's Try The World by Qing Lengyue
Directed byYin Tao
Yu Yonggang
Shi Zhanli
StarringYang Yang
Zhao Lusi
Opening theme"Unparalleled" by Liu Yuning
Ending theme"Breath of Wind" by Tiger Hu & Ye Xuanqing
Country of originChina
Original languageMandarin
No. of episodes40
Executive producerHan Zhijie
ProducersYang Xiaopei
Fang Fang
Production locationHengdian World Studios
Running time45 minutes
Production companiesTencent Penguin Pictures
Xixi Pictures
Original networkTencent Video[1]
Original releaseApril 18 –
May 17, 2022

Who Rules the World (Chinese: 且试天下; pinyin: Qiě Shì Tiānxià), is a 2022 Chinese streaming television series starring Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi. It is based on the wuxia romance novel Let's Try The World by Qing Lengyue.[2] It depicts the adventurous love story of Hei Fengxi and Bai Fengxi. The series started airing on Tencent Video and WeTV on April 18, 2022, and concluded its lập cập of 40 episodes on May 17, 2022.[1] It is also currently available worldwide on the online streaming platform Netflix.[3]


Hei Feng Xi is chivalrous and elegant while Bai Feng Xi is majestic and unrestrained. Opposites attract as both are unrivaled in talent and intellect. Caught in the warfare and chaos of the martial arts and political worlds, the flowers of love begin vĩ đại bloom amidst the blood that has been sacrificed within the last decade. Trying vĩ đại keep their identities hidden, they constantly have vĩ đại be three steps ahead when dealing with much political unrest, betrayal, infighting, and the ultimate battle for the imperial throne.

Cast and characters[edit]


  • Yang Yang as Hei Fengxi / Feng Lanxi[4]
    • Liu Yiran as Feng Lanxi (young)
Head of Fountain Abode and second prince of Yongzhou
  • Zhao Lusi as Bai Fengxi / Feng Xiyun[4]
    • Zhang Xiwei as Bai Fengxi (young)
Disciple of Tian Shuang Sect and princess of Qingzhou



Fountain Abode / Lanxi residence

  • Huang Yi as Zhong Li, Hei Fengxi's retainer
  • Wang Xuan as Ren Chuanyu, Hei Fengxi's retainer
  • Zhao Zhuoting as Ren Chuanyun,[5] Hei Fengxi's guard
  • Zhao Xin as Huan Niang,[6] Lanxi residence's head maid

Royal Family

  • Zhang Fengyi as Lord of Yongzhou[7]
    • Liu Mengling as Lord of Yongzhou (young)
  • Carman Lee as Queen Baili,[7] Feng Chang and Feng Ju's birth mother
    • Qi Ge as Concubine Baili (young)
  • Liu Ruilin as Feng Ju,[7] third prince of Yongzhou. He is an ambitious man who wants vĩ đại be the next ruler of Yongzhou. He is a sinister man who will tự what it takes vĩ đại achieve his goal including harming his brothers. Wang Yuan is his retainer before being replaced by Li Jia Xian.
  • Zhang Tianyang as Feng Chang,[8] eldest prince of Yongzhou. Due vĩ đại having been adopted and raised by the late Queen of Yongzhou, regards Feng Lanxi as a true brother. He has a closer relationship with Feng Lanxi kêu ca with Feng Ju. Despite being biological brothers, current Queen Baili has never acknowledged her eldest son due vĩ đại him being the weakest candidate for the heir position.
    • Chen Ziqi as Feng Chang (young)
  • Meng Qin as Princess Yige, late Lady of Yongzhou, Emperor Chun Xi's sister and Feng Lanxi's birth mother


  • Jiang Baixuan as Ren Rusong, Chancellor of Yongzhou and Hei Fengxi's teacher
  • Xuan Lu as Feng Qiwu,[9] chief of Feng family and the Minister of Civil Service Affairs. Has a crush on Feng Lanxi.
  • Jiang Feng as Yuan Lu, head eunuch
  • Liu Xu as Zhang Zhongge Minister of Justice
  • Fan Yining as Wang Yuan, Feng Ju's retainer. Was beheaded due vĩ đại plotting and causing Feng Lanxi's boating accident. Was planted by Feng Ju's side by Step-Lady Baili.
  • Zhou Yao as Li Jiaxian Retainer sent vĩ đại Step-Lady Baili's side by Feng Ju as a double agent.


Tian Shuang Sect

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  • Jiang Kai as Bai Jiande, head of Tian Shuang sect and Bai Fengxi's teacher
  • Ai Mi as Bai Langhua, Bai Jiande's daughter and disciple of Tian Shuang sect. Love interest of Xiu Jiurong.
  • Wang Hongyi as Xiu Jiurong,[10] disciple of Tian Shuang sect, rescued as a boy by Bai Fengxi. Love interest of Bai Langhua.
  • Lu Zhan Xiang as Han Pu,[11] young master of the Han family and adopted brother of Bai Fengxi
    • Fu Bo Han as Han Pu (young)
  • Zhang Ruicheng as Gu Yu, 2nd disciple of Tian Shuang sect. Resents Bai Fengxi as Acting Leader and breaks several Sect rules. Died via poison while in prison after being manipulated vĩ đại kill a high official.

Royal Family

  • Ma Yue as Lord of Qingzhou and father of Bai Fengxi
  • Li Jiulin as Feng Xieyue, prince of Qingzhou and brother of Bai Fengxi


  • Leon Lai Yi as Huang Chao,[4] prince of Jizhou
  • Zhang Haowei as Yu Wuyuan, Huang Chao's advisor
  • Leng Jiyuan as Xiao Xuekong, general Sao Xue
  • He Kailang as Yan Yingzhou,[12] general Lie Feng and head of the four generals of Ji Continent
  • Cui Tianyi as Huang Yu, princess of Jizhou
  • Yang Qing Zhu as Qiu Jiu Shuang, Huang Chao's subordinate


  • Henry Zhao as Ma Meng Qi Chief of Expert Military Horse Training Family

Da Dong[edit]

  • Du Zhiguo as Emperor Chun Xi, emperor of Da Dong
  • Yi Daqian as Jing Yan, crown prince of Da Dong
  • Lu Yong as Dong Shufang, general of Da Dong
  • Feng Ming Jing as Eunuch Hu, Eunuch in the Imperial Apothecary and is the Supreme Physician in the Imperial City Đen market


  • An Yuexi as Hua Chunran, princess of Youzhou
    • Xing Yunjia as Hua Chunran (young)
  • Wang Gang as Lord of Youzhou
  • Du Zhao as Hua Chunyuan, prince of Youzhou


  • He Yong Sheng as Lord of Shangzhou
  • Wei Jin Song as Liu Changxiu, Eunuch


The filming of "Who Rules The World" started in Hengdian World Studios and the opening ceremony was held on February 3, 2021. Zhao Lusi participated in the opening ceremony meanwhile Yang Yang was absent due vĩ đại other schedules.[13] On February 23, 2021, Yang Yang joined the group vĩ đại start filming.[14] On April 8, 2021, the official Weibo of "Who Rules The World" announced the lineup and released the final posters of the main protagonists. The shooting of whole drama was completed on June 17, 2021.


The series surpassed 1 billion views on Tencent Video in eleven days after its release.[15]


Who Rules the World OST (且试天下 电视原声大碟) consisted of 5 tracks sung by various artists and trăng tròn background scores composed by Dong Dongdong[16]

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1."Unparalleled (无双)" (Opening theme song)Chen LingziXu LinLiu Yuning 
2."Breath of Wind (风息)" (Ending theme song)Zhang JingyiLiu XuandouTiger Hu & Ye Xuanqing 
3."A Dream Come True (一梦浮生)"Chen XiDong Dongdong, Chen XiSilence Wang 
4."All In (孤注)"  Tan Weiwei 
5."Like a Dream (如梦)"  Lai Meiyun 
6."Who Rules the World OST Full Album (且试天下 电视剧原声带)"  Liu Yuning, Tiger Hu, Ye Xuanqing, Silence Wang, Tan Weiwei & Lai Meiyun 

International broadcast[edit]

Network Country Ref.
AsiaN South Korea South Korea [17][3]
WeTV International
RTHK Hongkong
8TV Malaysia

Who Rules The World was one of the selected dramas broadcast in Hong Kong on September 1, 2022 via TV channel RHTK 31, in commemoration of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region's 25th Anniversary (National Liberation Day).

On July 24, 2022, Who Rules the World ranked 4th in Netflix Korea’s Top 10 Most Viewed Series, the only foreign show vĩ đại have made it on the list.

As at kết thúc of 2022, Who Rules the World ranked first in Netflix's Chinese dramas (including Mainland Đài Loan Trung Quốc, Hong Kong and Taiwan) with a score of 3168. It is included in the Netflix Top 10 Series in 16 countries. It is also the only chinese drama vĩ đại have ever entered the Netflix Top 100 Global so sánh far.

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominee Result Ref.
2021 China International Youth Film Festival Most Anticipated Costume Drama Who Rules the World Won
2022 Golden Guduo Film and Television Festival Awards 2021 Most Anticipated Costume Drama Who Rules the World Won
AsiaN Editors Pick Awards Foreigners’ Most Mentioned Award Who Rules the World Won [18]
Tencent Video Golden Goose Awards Annual Audience Favorite Series Who Rules the World Won
Datawin Prosperity Awards Excellent Business Award Who Rules the World Won
13th Macau International TV Festival Best Actor Yang Yang Nominated
Best Supporting Actor Zhang Feng Yi Nominated
Best Supporting Actress Carman Lee Nominated
2023 Beijing News Annual Drama Comprehensive List Best IP Adaptation Drama of the Year Who Rules the World Won [19]
The Annual Ceremony of Cultural Responsibility & Influence 2023 The Annual Web Drama Who Rules the World Won


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