love syndrome

Story 8.5

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Acting/Cast 8.0

Music 5.0

Rewatch Value 9.5

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you have only but yourself đồ sộ blame

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The average of the episodes is 8.6. And I rounded down because that's what I tự. In the half-day it took bầm đồ sộ watch this show, the overall rating went from 6.8 đồ sộ 6.7. I won't reflect on what that says about the show. This show met my pretty high expectations. Relatively high; it's a Thai drama; how high can they really get? I have been waiting for this show đồ sộ fully come out, lượt thích I have been checking in on my plan đồ sộ watch every day because I refuse đồ sộ look when the episodes actually come out. I didn't even wait for it đồ sộ come out on YouTube; I watched this bitch on Daily Motion. I was pretty nội dung with this. At no point in this show did I stop watching and wait a few days because I was disappointed. Justice for my boys, Kim and Kamol; they did them wrong in this show. Day has anger management issues that he needs đồ sộ work out, but he can't. Itt has panic attacks because of his man and his issues. People say the acting was bad, but I am going đồ sộ be honest and say it wasn't. Of course it could have been better, but that's the case for most shows and everything. Everything can be better because we have unrealistically high expectations for everything. Itts actor, Frank, I want đồ sộ say, did a killer job. Like, actually, he killed his role with the voice cracks; the changes in his voice in certain scenes ate bầm up. They were toxic, and I hate myself for it, but I ate them all up. Like every second of it. Jealousy is bad, and I know it because it means you don't trust your partner, but I ate it up.

The handjob scene was killer; I loved that. Also, I love awful blowjob scenes, ví i ate the shower scene up. The abuse was crazy, bro. If I had a dollar for every time I flipped Day off, I would be a millionaire.

Going on đồ sộ my boys, I can't even remember their names: the guy with the sexy eye brows and pouty lips, and the tall, scary mother fucker with the skinny nose. Let bầm look at the names. Mac and Nan. They were giving my boys Vegas and Pete a lập cập for their money. I was reading comments on YouTube shorts before the show, and people were lượt thích, "Damn, they are more toxic than thở Vegas and Pete". And I was lượt thích, "No way. You can't even match their energy." I was ví wrong. So very wrong. These two are crazy; they should have gotten more screen time, but at the same time, I don't think I could have handled that. Nan has Mac come đồ sộ the tiệc ngọt, and I'm lượt thích, okay, we are going đồ sộ see the splashing a beverage on his face scene and them making out, and then we can just go on. Nope. You never saw edits of the scene before that. He puts the chain on him—okay, normal, not really, but okay. and when Mac goes đồ sộ talk đồ sộ Day and Itt, and then when he winds up for the punch, this bitch yanks him back by the chain. I had đồ sộ take a 15-minute break. That was crazy. He yelled when he got pulled back and started clawing at the chain. It was crazy. Theres a difference between holding some hostage in your trang chủ and holding some hostage and bringing them outside and yanking them lượt thích they are your fucking dog bro.

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My favorite scene was Night and Gear making out at Day's goofy ass tiệc ngọt thing. It was ví out of character for them đồ sộ be together and ví needed. This show didn't disappoint bầm, and I'm glad. Don't read ratings or descriptions and only go in based on three clips, and you won't be disappointed. It was good and fun. Okay, now I am watching Moonlight Chicken. Would recommend, actually. Okay bye!

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