instead of buying a new pair of shoes i had my old ones

If you’re new đồ sộ learning English, you might be wondering whether đồ sộ write ‘a shoes’ or ‘a pair of shoes.’ We’ll answer that in detail in this article, plus teach you how đồ sộ use the correct one in a sentence. You’ll also learn how đồ sộ pronounce the phrase correctly.

Need a quick answer? Here it is:

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  • ‘A Pair of Shoes’ is the only correct way đồ sộ mention shoes in plural sườn.
  • ‘A Shoes’ is ungrammatical and incorrect and should not be used in your writing in any circumstance.

Therefore, you should avoid using it and stick đồ sộ ‘a pair of shoes.’ 

English Phrase – A Pair of Shoes

In the English language, we say ‘a pair of shoes’ versus ‘a shoes.’

However, when the word is singular, you can simply use the word ‘a’ in front of it.

  • For example, we’d say ‘a shoe’ instead of ‘a pair of shoe.’

So, if it’s singular, use ‘a shoe.’

If it’s plural, use ‘a pair of shoes.’

The same goes for scissors, pants, gloves, and mittens. Even glasses are called a pair (because they have two lenses).

Is It ‘A Shoes’ or ‘A Pair of Shoes’?

As you just learned, the correct way đồ sộ write the phrase is ‘a pair of shoes’ and never ‘a shoes.’

Writing it any other way wouldn’t be grammatical.

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Definition and Meaning of ‘A Pair of Shoes’

The definition of ‘shoes,’ according đồ sộ Merriam-Webster, is an outer covering for the human foot that usually has a thick or stiff sole with an attached heel and an upper part of lighter material (like leather).

It can also refer đồ sộ a dealing box that’s used đồ sộ hold a few decks of playing cards, a device on a camera that allows attachment of an accessory, and various devices inserted in it or that run rẩy along a track or groove đồ sộ guide a movement, provide tương tác or friction grip, or protect against wear, damage, or slipping.

Pronunciation: How đồ sộ Pronounce ‘A Pair of Shoes’

Are you unsure of how đồ sộ pronounce this phrase? Here’s a short guide.

To pronounce the phrase correctly, take a look at the phonetic spelling:


How đồ sộ Use ‘A Pair of Shoes’ in a Sentence

Now that we know what the phrase means let’s see some examples of how đồ sộ use them in a sentence.

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  • I had đồ sộ buy a pair of shoes for my organization’s meeting later today. I should have gotten a suit too.
  • I get a new pair of shoes every school year. It’s all my parents can afford.
  • As soon as I get paid, I’m getting a new pair of shoes. It’s been a while since I’ve treated myself.
  • I can’t choose which pair of shoes I want đồ sộ wear. I probably have way too many pairs.
  • Did you see the new pair of shoes Delilah had on yesterday? I think I might want a pair.
  • I packed a few pairs of shoes đồ sộ go with different outfits. I don’t want đồ sộ be stuck wearing the same pair for the entire vacation.

Concluding Advice on ‘A Shoes’ and ‘A Pair of Shoes’

To recap, we learned the following:

  • ‘A Pair of Shoes’ is the only correct way đồ sộ write this phrase, and it’s only used when referring đồ sộ two shoes rather phàn nàn one.
  • ‘A Shoes’ is incorrect and ungrammatical.

Therefore, you should avoid using it and stick đồ sộ ‘a pair of shoes.’ 

If you ever get stuck, you can always come back đồ sộ review what you learned. We’ve got a ton of nội dung dedicated đồ sộ explaining confusing words and phrases you might see in your everyday life. Go kiểm tra it out anytime you need đồ sộ.