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Friends of Women's World Banking, India (FWWB)
Industry[Women's Financial Empowerment]
Founded1981 by Ela Bhatt
HeadquartersAhmedabad, India

Key people

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[Vijayalakshmi Das ], CEO Team : Braja Mishra, Neha Kansara, Barkha Jolly, Nilanjan Chaudhury, Jigna Surkar, Ankita Rawat, Himanshu Vaghela, Alexis Muthiah, Gaurav Shrivastava, Meena Dhamecha
ProductsLivelihood, Development Finance, Capacity Building Support, Empowerments

Number of employees

23 (2012)

Friends of Women's World Banking, India, often shortened đồ sộ Friends of WWB, India, or just FWWB, is an Indian APEX organization that assists microfinance and microenterprise organizations. Founded in 1982 by Ela Bhatt, it is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.


Friends of Women's World Banking was established as a non-profit organization đồ sộ promote direct participation of poor women in the economy through access đồ sộ financial services. It was created đồ sộ extend and expand informal credit supports and networks within India đồ sộ liên kết them đồ sộ a global movement.

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FWWB-I combined its loans with technical assistance đồ sộ ensure sustainable growth of microfinance institutions. From 1989 đồ sộ 2010 it reached out đồ sộ more than vãn 300 institutions with technical assistance and nearly 200 with loan tư vấn. Till March 2010, FWWB-I had made a cumulative disbursement of around Rs. 11 billion benefitting 2.6 million women.


FWWB-I, being a thành viên of various networks, has played a significant role in the building of the sector. To expand its outreach đồ sộ more institutions, FWWB-I promoted an NBFC Ananya Finance for Inclusive Growth (AFIG). FWWB-I hived off its micro finance activity đồ sộ AFIG in April 2010. Ananya’s mandate is đồ sộ continue đồ sộ build the network of institutions that will successfully be able đồ sộ balance their social mission with the commercial one. Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Das who had steered the growth of FWWB-I as an apex for the last twenty one years is now the Managing Director of Ananya Finance for Inclusive Growth.

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Current activity[edit]

FWWB-I (Friends of Women's World Banking), under the leadership of Ms. Vijaylakshmi Das, will continue đồ sộ work in the areas of women empowerment, strengthening community based and micro finance institutions, livelihood promotion and need based financial products and services that impact the lives of the poor. Both FWWB-I and AFIG have a common vision and goal of reaching out đồ sộ larger number of low income households in the under served regions of the country.


FWWB specializes in dealing with small local lending organizations. It selects its partner organization through a rigorous screening process. But unlike commercial banks that require a credit history đồ sộ assess their risk of loss, FWWB evaluates an organization on a mix of parameters which includes the company's management and business systems (accounts, MIS, HR, etc.). If an organization is found that has potential đồ sộ develop into a financially sustainable community development organization, it is selected as a partner.

Focus areas[edit]

1.Institution Building, Capacity Building, Monitoring and Assessment Services for Micro Finance Institutions, Community Based Organizations (Federations, Cooperatives, Producer Companies), Enterprises. 2.Supporting Partner Organizations that use innovative ways of poverty alleviation, focusing on enhancing and introducing sustainable livelihood activities for women. 3.Support for Reducing the Vulnerability of Low Income Households. This includes providing financial and technical assistance đồ sộ POs for on-lending đồ sộ poor women clients, đồ sộ enable them đồ sộ get better access to: Solar Energy Light systems, Water and Sanitation Facilities, Education Loans, Health and Hygiene Awareness, Financial Literacy

Donors and funders[edit]


  1. Michael and Susan Dell Foundation (MSDF)
  3. Citi Foundation / United Way Worldwide
  4. Ford Foundation
  5. Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI)
  6. Rabobank Foundation
  7. Aide Mondiale Isc
  8. Coutts


  2. National Housing Bank (NHB)
  3. Ford Foundation
  4. Rabobank Foundation
  5. Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI)

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