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The Dude In Me

Theatrical release poster


내안의 그놈

Revised RomanizationNaean-ui Geunom
Directed byKang Hyo-jin
Written byShin Han-sol
Jo Joong-hoon
Kang Hyo-jin
Produced byKim Dong-joon
Lee Seo-yeol
Lee Seung-hyo
StarringJung Jin-young
Park Sung-woong
Ra Mi-ran
Distributed byThe Contents On[2]
Merry Christmas

Release date

  • January 9, 2019

Running time

122 minutes
CountrySouth Korea
Box officeUS$13,569,960[3]

The Dude In Me (Korean: 내안의 그놈; RR: Naean-ui Geunom) is a 2019 South Korean fantasy comedy film directed by Kang Hyo-jin, starring Jung Jin-young, Park Sung-woong and Ra Mi-ran.[4] The film was released on January 9, 2019.[5][6][7]


Jang Pan-soo is a well-known elite gangster and is married đồ sộ his boss' daughter. One day, a high school student, Dong-Hyun, falls off the roof by trying đồ sộ retrieve a shoe and falls on Pang-Soo. Pang-Soo woke up in a hospital and felt something was wrong since everyone called him 'student', and Dong-Hyun's father ran up đồ sộ him calling him Dong-Hyun and embracing him. Confused he ran đồ sộ the nearest mirror and realized that he is now inside Dong-Hyun's body toàn thân. After failing several times đồ sộ go back đồ sộ his own body toàn thân, which is still unconscious in the hospital, he accepts his fate and goes trang chính with Dong-Hyun's father.

As time passes by, he realizes that Dong-Hyun is targeted by bullies at school, is overweight, and has really bad eyesight. One by one, he starts fighting back against the bullies until they stop harassing him and Dong-Hyun's friend. During this time, one of his loyal subordinate, Man Chul, is guarding his unconscious body toàn thân at the hospital and Pan-Soo convinces him that he switched bodies with a high school student and helps Pan-Soo gather intel and daily activities in the gang.

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One day, Pan-Soo encounters Oh Hyun-Jung, a girl in his class who is also being targeted by bullies at school. He follows her trang chính only đồ sộ find out that her mom, Oh Mi-Sun, was his old ex-girlfriend. He has Man-Chul get a paternity test for him and finds out that Hyun-Jung is his daughter. Seeing how she is an easy target for bullies at school, he gets her đồ sộ train with him under Man-Chul's supervision. After a few weeks, Pan-Soo loses all of his body toàn thân fat, gaining back his fit body toàn thân and Hyun-Jung learns how đồ sộ defend herself from her bullies. Hyun-Jung starts đồ sộ have feelings for Dong-Hyun, not knowing that it's actually her father inside his body toàn thân.

During this time, Pan-Soo's rival, quái nhân Yang, conspires đồ sộ frame Pan-Soo for embezzling money by using his wife đồ sộ convince their quấn, which is her own father. Pan-Soo finds this out from Man-Chul and writes a letter explaining the scandal đồ sộ his quấn. He later reveals đồ sộ Mi-Sun that he is actually Pan-Soo, not Dong-Hyun, and she gets upset as she still has ill-feelings towards him for leaving her. Hyun-Jung stumbles upon them during this time and Pan-Soo expresses that he still loves her mother. This upsets Hyun-Jung, not knowing that it's actually her father saying this.

Dong-Hyun later wakes up in Pan-Soo's body toàn thân and ends up at his trang chính, shocked đồ sộ see Pan-Soo there in his body toàn thân. Later, quái nhân Yang visits Mi-Sun's restaurant and fights with Pan-Soo until Mi-Sun threatens everyone if they don't stop. Pan-Soo's wife visits her father and he reveals đồ sộ her he knows that she is working with quái nhân Yang and has turned her back on her own family. He calls for Pan-Soo đồ sộ clear things up with him. Pan-Soo sends Dong-Hyun đồ sộ meet his quấn, telling him what đồ sộ say through an earpiece. His quấn unexpectedly announces that Pan-Soo will take over the business, much đồ sộ his wife's dismay, and accuses Pan-Soo of infidelity and having a daughter from it. Dong-Hyun convinces Pan-Soo's quấn that family is important and he is willing đồ sộ leave the business and inheritance for them.

The quấn blesses Pan-Soo đồ sộ leave the business and Pan-Soo embraces Dong-Hyun for being a better man than thở he is but is suddenly run rẩy over by his estranged wife. At the hospital, Pan-Soo faints at the hospital as well as Dong-Hyun. Six months later, Dong-Hyun goes back đồ sộ school back in his own body toàn thân and is surprised đồ sộ see his classmates cheering him for kicking out the bullies, and seems that Hyun-Jung is going out with Dong-Hyun. They later go đồ sộ Mi-Sun's new restaurant where Pan-Soo is working there as well as Man-Chul and people are rushing into their new restaurant.



  • Jung Jin-young[8] as Kim Dong-hyun, a bullied, introverted high school student
  • Park Sung-woong[9] as Jang Pan-soo, a charismatic leader and former gangster of a gang-turned-conglomerate
  • Ra Mi-ran as Oh Mi-Sun, Pan-soo's first love


  • Lee Jun-hyeok as Man Chul, the trustworthy subordinate of Pan-soo
  • Lee Soo-min as Oh Hyun-jung,[10] Mi-sun's and Pan-soo's daughter
  • Kim Kwang-kyu as Kim Jong-ki
  • Kim Hyun-mok as Kim Jae-ik
  • Yoon Kyung-ho as quái nhân Yang, Jang Pan-soo's rival
  • Yoon Song-a as Homeroom teacher
  • Park Kyung-hye as Jae-hee
  • Park Ju-hyun as Female student #1


A press conference for the film was held on December 26, 2018.[11] The film was released đồ sộ the local cinemas on January 9, 2019.

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The film is phối đồ sộ be released internationally in the nhật bản, Taiwan, Indonesia and Vietnam.[2]


Box office[edit]

In the first weekend of its release, The Dude In Me ranked second at the South Korean box office and sold 564,568 tickets at 1,041 screens. During the first five days since the release the film has sold a total of 770,000 tickets.[12][13]

On the eighth day since the release movie surpassed 1 million ticket sales.[14] At the kết thúc of 12 days since the movie premier, The Dude In Me had attracted a total of 1.6 million viewers passing the break-even point of 1.5 million.[15]


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