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Go Youn Jung in Talks vĩ đại Pair Up with Kim Seon Ho and Reunite with the Hong Sisters!

News - Sep 21, 2023

Go Youn Jung will reportedly work with the Hong Sisters for the second time.

Lee Sang Yeob All Set vĩ đại Get Married Next Year!

News - Sep 25, 2023

Actor Lee Sang Yeob will officially tie the knot with his non-celebrity bride-to-be in March of next year.

CEO of Walt Disney Company Korea vĩ đại Start Story of "Moving Season 2" With Kang Full

News - Sep 22, 2023

CEO of Disney Plus Korea plans vĩ đại go ahead with "Moving Season 2".

Netflix Confirms the Cast Lineup for "Song of the Geomungo: Golden Swallow"

News - Sep đôi mươi, 2023

Jo Bo Ah, Lee Jae Wook, Jung Ga Ram, Uhm Ji Won, Park Byung Eun, and Kim Jae Wook will be the main leads of the upcoming K-drama Song of the Geomungo: Golden Swallow.

Rowoon, Cho Yi Hyun & Team Gather For the Script Reading of New K-Drama "The Matchmaker"

News - Sep 22, 2023

The upcoming historical rom-com "The Matchmaker" gears up for release!

Suzy and Yang Se Jong's Irresistible Romance will Bloom this October!

News - Sep 21, 2023

Netflix has officially announced the release date for 'Doona!' and unveiled teaser posters and a teaser trailer.

Rowoon Leaves SF9 vĩ đại Focus on Acting and Personal Activities

News - Sep 18, 2023

Rowoon has shared his feelings about leaving the group SF9.

Staff Member of Park Seo Joon and Han So Hee's "Gyeongseong Creature Season 2" Passes Away

News - Sep 21, 2023

Lee Ji Hoon and Jung In Sun will Reportedly Pair Up for a Fantasy TVING K-Drama

News - Sep 22, 2023

Lee Ji Hoon and Jung In Sun are both in talks vĩ đại lead the upcoming TVING K-drama Grand Shining Hotel.

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Go Min Si and Choi Hyun Wook vĩ đại Star as Ex-Lovers Reuniting in a New K-Drama

News - Sep 27, 2023

Go Min Si and Choi Hyun Wook will possibly be the next K-drama couple we should look forward to!

Im Ji Yeon, Ali, & Jung Sung Il Express Their Support For Kim Hi Eo Ra

News - Sep 7, 2023

Kim Hi Eo Ra's fellow actors show their tư vấn through social truyền thông "Likes."

"The Escape of the Seven" Achieves Best-Ever Ratings, "Arthdal Chronicles" Hits Low

News - Sep 24, 2023

Check out the ratings of weekend K-dramas.

Park Shin Hye Offered vĩ đại Play the Role of a Judge in a New K-Drama

News - Sep 22, 2023

After playing the role of a doctor this year, Park Shin Hye will possibly jump into the law genre in a new K-drama.

Park Eun Bin Stays Determined vĩ đại Achieve Her Dreams in Poster and Stills of "Castaway Diva"

News - Sep 26, 2023

New poster and stills released!

"Song of the Bandits" Trends on Netflix, "Twinkling Watermelon" Gets a Rating Boost

News - Sep 27, 2023

Rowoon & Cho Yi Hyun Transform into "The Matchmakers"

News - Sep 25, 2023

Rowoon and Cho Yi Hyun are mix vĩ đại dazzle as contrasting matchmakers from the Joseon era in the new KBS drama "The Matchmakers."

Go Youn Jung Confirmed vĩ đại Star in the Spin-off of "Hospital Playlist"

News - Sep đôi mươi, 2023

Actress Go Youn Jung will officially lead the upcoming K-drama Someday Wise Resident Life.

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"Reborn Rich" & "Extraordinary Attorney Woo" Secure Nominations for International Emmy Awards 2023

News - Sep 27, 2023

K-dramas join the competition for the International Emmy Awards.