ảnh background

You can phối any image as a custom background for the editor and all tool windows in IntelliJ IDEA.

Configure a custom background image

  1. Press Control+Alt+S đồ sộ open the IDE settings and then select Appearance & Behavior | Appearance.

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  2. Click the Background Image button.

    The Background Image button in Appearance settings
  3. In the Background Image dialog, specify the image you want đồ sộ use as the background and click OK đồ sộ apply the changes.

    The Background Image dialog

    For more information about the options, see Background image settings.

Background image settings

The Background Image dialog has the following options:


Either specify a local path đồ sộ an image in your tệp tin system or a URL đồ sộ an image on a remote server.


Specify the relative opacity of the image, where 100 is completely opaque and 0 is completely transparent.

Placement options

Use the icons đồ sộ select where đồ sộ place the image:

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  • Mirror the image vertically or horizontally

  • Select whether đồ sộ place one copy of the image at its original size, scale the image đồ sộ fit the entire width, or fill the entire width with copies of the image at its original size

  • If you choose đồ sộ keep the original size, select where đồ sộ put the image: in the center, on a side, or in a corner.

This project only

Select if you want đồ sộ use this custom image as a background only in the current project.

Editor and tools

Configure an image đồ sộ be used as the background of the editor and tool windows.

Empty frame

Configure an image đồ sộ be used as the background when no files are open in the editor.

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Clear and Close

Clear the background image and use the mặc định background.

Last modified: 09 August 2023